PACE is a local, woman owned temporary staffing and direct hire recruiting agency with a 40+ year track record filling roles in administration, customer service, human resources, accounting/finance, and more!

Why Choose PACE?

  • Professional Profiling: Pinpoint the skills, experience and personal qualities most important to hiring success.
  • A+ Candidate Screening: Candidates hand selected to be the “right fit.”
  • Quality Assessments: Professionally designed skill, talent, and motivational assessments to reduce hiring mistakes.
  • Thorough Background and Reference Check Services: Ensure you know who you’re really hiring.
  • Customized Service and Pricing Options: We fit every need and budget.
  • Up Close and Personalized Guidance: We are with you every step of the way!

"PACE has been a great business partner and has become an integral part of our staffing strategy! The team does a really good job of sending us applicants that meet our needs and fit our culture. Everyone at PACE has been a pleasure to work with.”

Bob | Call Center Manager